Caitlin Kachmar

Caitlin Kachmar is a new undergraduate from the Industrial Design program at Virginia Tech. Growing up, she was fed a constant stream of graphic art through three older siblings, from vintage comics to video games. She fostered her own art through sewing, illustration, and ceramics. Which led to an engineering course in high school focused on CAD; here she was introduced to Industrial Design.

The concept of creating an object that would consider functionality, personality, and usability shaped her understanding of art as a career. She’s primarily interested in toy design, ranging from adolescents to collectors. Whether the product is meant to elicit bright-eyed curiosity or discerning admiration, she’s dedicated to quality and exploration in every field of design.  


Featured in traveling exhibit FORM | Line-Plane-Solid, April 2014-October 2016

Dean's List, 2012-2016


Italy (Potenza, Venice, Florence, Rome), Canada (Toronto, Ontario), China (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing), Germany (Frankfurt)